Grief Symposion – …In the Absence of Light Review

This beginning of year has been pretty varied on releases. For our’s and the fan’s sake we’ve received all kinds of Metal music. I’d say that it’s great for the sake of Metal music. It proves that it’s very alive and well. I don’t dare to count how many albums I receive in a year but they are a truckload. Even though most of them are standard bands of all Metal styles, sometimes I get surprised.

Right on. Today we’ve got Grief Symposion with “…In the Absence of Light.” First of all, I disagree with the press release that says the band is Dark Metal. In my twisted mind – never bother to understand me, Dark Metal is an umbrella for all kinds of Metal except Hair Metal because all kinds of Metal music are some form of dark. I’d be with Funeral Doom Metal though the album showcases some pretty varied stuff in it. I’m not aware if there is such thing as Progressive Doom Metal, but I guess this fits best in what I’m listening here. “…In the Absence of Light” is full of atmospheric passages as in Atmospheric Black Metal. Some of them as the longest and grand finale “Amber Kiss of the Sun” my dear child of the night would see oneself in a picturesque nature scene which contrasts a lot from album welcomer “Among Dead Gods” though its intro is a little moody as well with the church bells and the conversations. But when vocals come it’s pure Funeral Doom Metal. Pay close attention to the amazing drumming. From where I’m standing it’s pretty hard not to label this track as Funeral Doom Metal. However, the thing is that “…In the Absence of Light” varies a lot from then on. Following “Temple of Decay” surprises sounding much more Brutal Death Metal than anything else. The track is fast and ferocious with great guitars and vicious vocals.

Interestingly, “…In the Absence of Light” alternates longer tracks with shorter ones. The longer tracks tend to  Funeral Doom Metal and in the shorter ones Grief Symposion exercise their creativity. I stick with the label Progressive Doom Metal is that matters anything at all –  I guess it doesn’t but whatever.

Grief Symposion “…In the Absence of Light” was released on January 27th via Church Road Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Among Dead Gods
  2. Temple of Decay
  3. In the Shadow of the Sleeping Monarch
  4. Veil of Transformation
  5. Descent Into Pandemonium
  6. Esoteric Mirrors
  7. The Amber Kiss of the Sun

Watch “Descent Into Pandemonium” official lyric video here: