GRIFTER Takes Us To Better Times


I have spoken with Ollie about this tune and it’s not just about finding a porn stash in the forest. It’s about the death of innocence. I too found a stash of porn in the woods as a young man and split it with my cousins. That won’t happen with the next generation thanks to the interweb. Now kids don’t go outside to meet up with friends. They just message them which is pretty f**king sad. Where did the time go? Oh yeah, facetime… What happened to making sketchy ramps and running your huffy over them in front of the whole neighborhood knowing your mom might have to take you to the emergency room, but doing it anyway? Those days are over now. Now we got people staring at Ipads and phones oblivious to other human beings. I find this to be an outrage. Now you can just http porn when ever. There will be no more neighborhood adventures. No more plunder. Everybody will just grow up staring at digital devices being f**king zombies…

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