GRINDPAD Releases New Music Video ‘Sharkbite!’

Dutch extreme thrashers GRINDPAD have released the video for the title track off their most recent EP, “Sharkbite!“. Filmed partly live and in their  practice room the video gives an insight into the fun and violence that GRINDPAD stands for. And of course not even the video is safe from the shark infestation!

Having never been fully satisfied with the musical direction, they decided that now was the time to switch one hundred percent towards the music that they always wanted to bring: violent, aggressive,  old-school, non-melodic, merciless, hacking THRASH!

The philosophy being: one Slayer/Exodus/Pantera song destroys an entire deathcore-army in terms of sheer energy and aggression.

With Olivier’s aggressive vocals and Remy’s pounding low bulldozer sound, the whole band was in the  right mindset, and started writing an entire new set of songs. To help out on drums Paul BeltmanGRINDPAD was ready to attack again. Now armed with their new EP “Sharkbite!“.

GRINDPAD aims for the things that are mostly neglected in Metal nowadays: Aggression, violence, anger. That is what Metal is all about (and always should be).