Gruesome – Twisted Prayers

“Twisted Prayers” is a very energetic and exciting album. It has that kind of energy we keep on talking about. It makes you want to headbang throughout all tracks. Gruesome took the ferocity of death metal and combined it with all the energy thrash has to offer. Besides all the shreading the guitar duo composed by Matt Harvey ­and Daniel Gonzalez. Awesome playing. Maybe because Gruesome are kind of a superband featuring former members of Exhumed, Possessed and Malevolent Creation with the intent of carrying the torch of Death’s legacy.

In fact, “Twisted Prayers” must be praised for lots of reasons mainly because it’s a powerhouse of great riffing. Also because of its complex, and very technical, playing. Everybody in Gruesome is playing the hell out of their instruments. How about the sequence of guitar phrases in the title track “Twisted Prayers”? Crazy stuff. Mesmerized, strong, and sick. Everything you’d expect from a death metal band of the quality of Gruesome. Once again, a big hail to guitar duo for the amazing job. And don’t forget to pay a close attention to the solo sequence in “At Death’s Door” and “Fate.” Be honest, is there anything more awesome? Almost the perfect song. I say almost because I want the guys to try even harder next album. Can you imagine?

Gruesome prove us that it is possible to still write fast tracks and take advantage of all the energy they offer. And after all, not making them look alike with the feeling you are listening to the same song. “Twisted Prayers” is everything but an one-song album. As a matter of fact, the best of it is the 1980s feeling that we get when listening to all those hammer-on and whammy bar effects. Personally, I appreciate them a lot. It’s a way to show how skilled a guitarist is.

Well, “Twisted Prayers” is such an exciting album for the nostalgic and for the modern. Tons of energetic tracks and awesome playing. Almost a perfect album, as I said before. Not perfect because we want some more!

Gruesome will keep the faith wih some “Twisted Prayers” on June 01st via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Inhumane
  2. A Waste of Life
  3. Fate
  4. Lethal Legacy
  5. Fatal Illusions
  6. Crusade of Brutality
  7. At Death’s Door
  8. Twisted Prayers

Watch “Inhumane” lyric video here: