Guerilla Tree – Mountain’s View Review

Moody! This album is a very moody one. From the beginning this album goes through the moody lane and all the songs have that something that make it different from the crowd. It’s a little hard to explain what that is but “Mountain’s View” follows exactly its name. Picture yourself on the top of a mountain appreciating an astonishing view. Feel the gentle wind and the warmth of the air. Remember that on the mountain the weather changes fast and one may be surprised with the changes. The voice is the gentle wind, the guitars are the weather to change and the songs are the surprise. Poetic, huh? I think so too. However, not as poetic as “Spiral Tendrils of Dust” whose tittle really means it. From “Mountain’s View” my dear fan may get all the poetry and mood it’s possible to get from a Metal album.

The music in here is based on the good old Prog Metal with some touches of an instrumental album. I’ll elaborate. Tracks as “Inhuman” have that verve that cpould lead to an instrumental track. The guitars lead the way with a very prominent phrase and all the song sounds to be written as if it were instrumental. Another feature that highlighs in “Mountain’s View” are the inspired choruses in almost all tracks. Guerilla Tree have a knack for writing great melodies and choruses. There is something of Metallica in the guitars – ok, Metallica until the black album. I guess it’s the overtones. Or just the way the notes are played. On second though, while listening to following track “Black Soul” its initial moments sounds a lot as Big Country – a guitar band from the 1980s. Well, I don’t have to say that vocals have a very similar tone and the guitar phrases do address to that band. The difference here is the keyboards sound. Big Country didn’t use to have keyboards in their songs. But the vocals. Ah, the vocals.

If my dear fan is in the mood for an album full of complex and gentle melodies “Mountain’s View” is the thing. An album to listen while opening a bottle of wine with the fireplace lit and a cat in your lap. Better yet if the cat is a woman…

Guerilla Tree “Mountain’s View” was released on April 16th.

Track Listing:

  1. Misbelief
  2. A cloud
  3. Fertile Water
  4. Before You Die
  5. Spiral Tendrils of Dust
  6. Inhuman
  7. Black Soul
  8. Mountain Reflection
  9. Form of Life
  10. The Life History of a Tree

Watch “A Cloud” official video here: