Guitarist JEFF YOUNG Has ‘Zero Interest’ In Rejoining MEGADETH


Former MEGADETH guitarist Jeff Young says that he has “zero interest” in returning to the group, explaining that “the band is done.”

Jeff‘s entire career with MEGADETH was spent recording and touring in support of the band’s 1988 platinum-selling album “So Far, So Good…So What!” He left MEGADETH shortly after an appearance at the Monsters Of Rock festival, with the band’s leader, Dave Mustaine, accusing the guitarist in the press of lying, saying that “everything that came out of that guy’s mouth was just the highest grade of pure horses**t.”

Asked by a fan on Facebook what his thoughts are on “the current MEGADETH situation” — presumably referring to the band’s recent split with guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover — and whether there is any chance of him going back to the group, Young responded: “I [have] zero interest in ‘the MEGADETH situation.’ The band is done. Put a fork it it.”

Jeff made headlines in December 2009 for accusing Mustaine of, among other things, “dissing, exaggerating and just plain lying on some level about nearly every talented musician that has passed through his dysfunctional little ensemble.” He also also disputed Mustaine‘s claim in an interview that Young‘s drug problem led to MEGADETH‘s 1988 Australian tour being called off and the group being “banned” from performing in the country.

In a February 2010 interview with, Young stated about his time with MEGADETH: “I try to look back on it with positivity. I try to only remember and think about the good stuff, and all the good that came from it… Even though I have a bad feeling about Mustaine as a person… I can totally appreciate the good songs that he’s written, and so can his fans. The unfortunate thing is that it’s hard for me to appreciate and look back on my time fondly, and it’s hard for the fans to enjoy the music, when he won’t shut his f**king mouth… I think he’s done enough that he can be proud of without taking credit for other people’s contributions to his band. He was in METALLICA, and he’s in MEGADETH. He’s written all these songs, has played all his own solos, sang all his own vocal melody lines, produced albums, and toured the world. He’s got enough, but he’s like the kid in the sandbox that has to have all the toys in his corner, and he doesn’t wanna share any credit or anything. Just like the three-way partnership with me, just like with Junior [MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson] with the money; he thinks that it’s all his, and he doesn’t wanna share any credit. I don’t understand that kind of narcissism.”

Drover quit MEGADETH on November 25 “to pursue [his] own musical interests.” His statement can be found at this location.

Broderick announced his departure from MEGADETH a few hours later, saying that he was exiting the group “due to artistic and musical differences.”


Source: Blabbermouth