Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO Reveals His Auditioning Video For Joining MEGADETH

This coronavirus quarentine is compelling all living creatures in this sad and lonely and pathetic planet to be very creative to maintain what’s left of their mental health. Now is the time to Kiko Loureiro go look for the videos he sent Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and David Ellfson to show he had enough playing abilities to be part of the band.

In the beginning of the video the guitarist emphasizes that the video can’t be seen as tutorial to play “Hangar 18,” the song recorded, because there were so many mistakes due to the scarse time – two days – he had to learn the songs to send as an audition. He also explains that he learned “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,” “Symphony of Destruction” and “Trust” and that the video was his idea.

Here goes the proof of the crime: