GUNS N’ ROSES’ New Single ‘Perhaps’ Leaked Ahead Of Official Release

Guns N' Roses

In an unexpected turn of events, the latest single “Perhaps” from GUNS N’ ROSES has seemingly found its way to TouchTunes, ahead of its official release. This revelation came to light when numerous fans, while enjoying their time at various bars across the United States, stumbled upon this new addition to the GN’R catalog on TouchTunes machines.

“Perhaps,” a previously shelved song from the Chinese Democracy era, was anticipated to be formally launched this past Friday, August 11. The fans were delighted to find it, complete with what appears to be the official single cover art, credited to Geffen Records – the band’s longstanding record label under the Universal Music Group umbrella.

Just a week ago, a link to pre-save “Perhaps” on Spotify and Apple Music was momentarily shared via the Universal Music website, accompanied by a release date of August 11. However, the band has not made any official announcements about the song’s forthcoming release yet.

Interestingly, reports suggest that GUNS N’ ROSES had soundchecked “Perhaps” before their concert in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 5, but did not include it in the live performance. Nonetheless, keen fans outside the venue managed to record snippets of the rehearsal, promptly sharing the low-quality recordings online.