Gus G – Quantum Leap Review

Guys like Gus G work a lot. I mean the man has his own band “Firewind” and also releases his solo albums. Really hard working guy. And, for starters, he always can brag himself for being part of The Madman’s band even though for a little time. The man is pretty talented with the guitar. Moreover, he’s the shredder kind of guitarist for the better and for the  worst. Well, Mr. Madman would never have someone that is not. Though at first at a show I thought otherwise listening to his albums made up my mind.

But, the question that remains is how does Mr. Gus G give his contribution to the full of shredders Metal music world? Tough question, huh?

To answer this question here we have one more of his contributions to the world of Metal music; his two cd solo album “Quantum Leap” which shares his instrumental verve with some songs woth vocals played alive. While in the instrumental part it’s possible to see how talented and shredder he is, in the alive part he is more kind of a band guy which gives him some extra points and adds, from where I’m standing more to his career and for the sakes of our pleasure. His version of Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” is remarkable. The fan that doesn’t know the song – well, that is possible now in 2021, but virtually impossible twenty years ago – will have the impression that the song is from his own. There it’s possible to notice his contribution to the future generations of headbangers. The same I cant say about the solo and instrumentals tracks. I don’t if I got too picky or too radical, but as you my fan knows I do like instrumentals albums by shredders, however I found this album a kind of faceless. So sorry for that, but it’s what I got for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a different opinion. Too much technique and little emotion. Maybe I’m getting an old cranky guy. Well, to be really fair with the guys the first two tracks of the album are pretty nice. “Into the Unknown” and “Exosphere” have their quanta of criativity and inspiration.

Gus G “Quantum Leap” will be released on November 26th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:


  1. Into The Unknown
  2. Exosphere
  3. Quantum Leap
  4. Chronesthesia
  5. Enigma of Life
  6. Judgement Day
  7. Fierce
  8. Demon Stomp
  9. Night Driver
  10. Not Forgotten
  11. Force Majeure (feat. Vinnie Moore)


  1. Fearless (Live)
  2. Mr. Manson (Live)
  3. Letting Go (Live)
  4. Cold Sweat (Live)
  5. Force Majeure (Live)
  6. Money for Nothing (Live)
  7. Thrill  of the Chase (Live)

Watch “Enigma of Life” official music video here: