GUS G ‘To Be With Ozzy Changed My Life Forever, For The Better’

Yeah, my Metal child, gratitude is a wonderful thing. As a matter of fact, it’s like a hundred dollar bill, we do know it exist, but we see very few – I don’t know you, but to me… With artists it gets to the other level. Well, not Gus G.

Take a look what he Hard Rock Hub about his time with the Madman:

“The biggest sacrifice, as I said, was being away from home for such a long time and losing some people, cutting off some people from your life.

“Being a hired gun in a band like that, there’s no creativity in writing songs or something. You’re there to cover somebody else’s back catalogue – but what a catalogue, right?

“I really enjoyed playing that, but it’s not like you would get 100% of Gus G in that band.

“If you want to hear 100% of me, you probably pick up one of my solo records or any Firewind records because that’s where I get to be creative and I’m in charge of things and I write the songs and I’m involved in production and all that stuff and the artwork.”

“Well first of all, I could afford a pair of jeans and some french fries. Secondly, I could pay the rent finally.

“No, I mean, it was great, the exposure. Everything was happening very fast. When something big like that happens, it goes by so fast. You really have no time to stop and contemplate what’s happening…

“‘So now we’ve finished the record, next week we’re doing a promo photo shoot? And then it’s a video and then after that we’re going to tour for 18 months?’ Before you know it, it’s been three years gone by.

“So everything went by really fast. Sometimes it’s hard to be away from home and [not] catching up and keeping up with family and friends.

“But it was a wonderful experience. It changed my life forever, for the better. It gave me a really big boost in my career. I already had my band before but a lot more people found out who I am, who my band was.”