GUTTED Releases ‘Into Oblivion / Atrophied Existence’ Lyric Video Feat. MAYHEM’s Attila Csihar

Long-running death metal band from Hungary, GUTTED, have braved trends and challenges of all kinds. They’re back this year with their fourth full length album titled ‘Martyr Creation’ via Xtreem Music. If you like death metal that’s astoundingly solid and sufficiently brutal, this is for you. The band released an official lyric video ft. Attila Csihar (also of Hungarian origin) of MAYHEM below.

GUTTED have been around since 1998 and have been an impressive act throughout. They were always forward-thinking with their music which keeps getting better with each album. They’ve honed their style imbibing influences of technical as well as brutal death metal, and the dark flavour a la IMMOLATION doesn’t hurt at all. Their style is a cross between American and European (mostly Dutch) death metal and it’s satisfying as hell. On their latest release, again on the ever-supportive Xtreem Music, they’ve improved their songwriting and the songs are not only intense but also dark and memorable. It has an epic quality to it as well as a brutish one that is welcome as most bands in this style are too polished-sounding for their own good. This is tangible, organic and drives the point home better than others. For vigorous and hard-hitting death metal, look nowhere else.

You can buy ‘Martyr Creation’ at GUTTED‘s Bandcamp page.