GUTTED SOULS Premiers New Video ‘The Undying Stars’

Gutted Souls

GUTTED SOULS, one of the most brutal names in Brazilian Death Metal, just released the first official videoclip of their career. The song “The Undying Stars” is already on the official YouTube channel of the band (watch below). The track was originally on the album “The Illusion of Freedom” (2017) is considered one of the heaviest and most impacting of the entire record.

With intriguing lyrics that seek to make the listener question the acts and impositions of the global governments, the song “The Undying Stars”, tells the story of an individual that discovers himself as impotent before society. This individual does not feel alive, nor dead, the perception is that he merely exists. Seeking to escape this realization, he tries many ways to get rid of this feeling, seeking in different moments drugs, sex and other temporary solutions that never satisfy or enlighten his sense of purpose in this plane.

The video clip shows all the band members playing, has on the forefront the vocalist Iron de Paula, acting as the titular character of the story, where he plays with great precision the part of the tormented individual. Watch the video clip in the link below:

The video clip was directed by Alexandre Lima and Fabio Roque, image and photography by Fernando Valle. All editions by Alexandre Lima.


Iron – vocals
Wellington Ferrari – guitars
Alexandre Carreiro – guitars
Elias Oliveira – bass
Braulio Drumond – drums