Guy Who Started ‘Area 51 Raid’ Is A SLAYER Fan

Area 51 Slayer

Yesterday was the day when millions people were supposedly to raid Area 51. Not surprisingly, the guy who started everything is a SLAYER fan.

More than three million people expressed an interest in taking part, but only around 3,000 showed up, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

Matty Roberts made a Facebook event back in June titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” Within days of its launch, the event became a viral sensation, making headlines across the globe.

“It was completely intended to be a joke, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere,” Roberts tells CNN.

He came up with the idea for the event after listening to Joe Rogan interview physicist Bob Lazar, who broke the news of Area 51 decades ago, on his podcast.

Roberts attempted to turn the “raid” into a musical festival instead, called “Alienstock,” which was set for this weekend in Nevada but has since been canceled.

SLAYER will begin The Final Campaign, the last leg of its Final World Tour on November 2, wrapping its touring career up with two shows at The Forum in Los Angeles on November 29 and 30. Tickets are available here.

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