GWAR Now Sells Coffee

Gwar Coffee

GWAR has announced its own coffee brand, called “GWAR Espresso Destructo,” in collaboration with Grindcore Coffee Co. and it can be ordered here.

Roasted to the highest standards to satisfy the most demanding Scumdogs in the universe, the Espresso Destructo Blend is flavor-packed and jammed with GWAR‘s legal drug of choice….caffeine. Fuel up on the same fuel as GWAR and get a taste for what it is that makes them the most powerful beings in the universe.

GWAR‘s latest album, The Blood of Gods, was released in October, 2017, via Metal Blade. It is the band’s first album without founding member Dave Brockie, who portrayed Oderus Urungus, due to his death in 2014. The album is also the first to feature Michael Bishop since 1999’s We Kill Everything, portraying the newest character, lead singer Blöthar the Berserker, as opposed to his role as the original Beefcake the Mighty.