GWAR Outrage Fans By Saying ‘Suicide Is No Joke, But Linkin Park Sure Is’

Fans around the web are saying that GWAR have taken their politically incorrect thing a step too far by saying “Suicide is no joke, but Linkin Park sure is” during yesterday’s (July 20) show in Noblesville, IN.

Among them is Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinne, who tweeted:

“I don’t care if your band is a f*cking gimmick… have some class GWAR. We don’t need your sarcasm. This community needs strength right now.”

Remembering his band’s 2015 tour with GWAR, during which he broke his foot, Lee added:

“GWAR kicked me off a tour for hurting my foot. I would have came back and sat in a chair to continue. They said no and took our guarantees.”

See below the people tweeting about GWAR‘s statement:

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