GWAR Says Suicide Is Great And That Recent New York Attack Was Awesome

In a recent chat with Sofa King Cool members of GWAR were asked about the suicides of celebrities this year, to which they responded (transcribed by UG):

“Yeah, suicide is great. You should try it at least once.

“We push them in that direction. By exposing their child p*rn sex rings you drive them to commit suicide before the evidence procure.”

Then they also reflected on the recent New York terrorist attack, joking how they were responsible for it (via Alternative Nation):

“It was awesome. I got a little heated when I was driving around, I didn’t want the cops to find all the cocaine in the back of the Home Depot truck. I flipped out, I had a little case of road rage. Luckily though, Blothar became President of the United States last night, and I got a full pardon. So I’m back on the sauce, and I’m going to drive drunk again tonight. Hopefully, something bad will happen in Buffalo.

“Hopefully, it follows us on the entire tour. The Deep State would have you believe that what happened was a terrorist attack.

“It was a false flag event.”

Past July, GWAR got into the center of attention after saying that “Suicide is no joke, but Linkin Park sure is” during their live show. Check out more details about it here.