H27 See ‘Dark Skies Filled up with Lies’

H27 are an octane rock band that hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The band consists of Steve Statler on vocals & guitar, Schack on guitars & backing vocals, Bobby Farr on vocals & drums and Ken Boggs on bass & backing vocals.  The origins of H27 can be traced back to early 2008, but the lineup didn’t solidify until 2017, when Ken became a member of the band.  In December of 2017, H27 entered Cherry Pit Studios to record their EP ‘Verboten’ and the full-length album ‘The Road to Nowhere.’  They worked with Ryan Kutz and finished recording in February 2018.

The tracks were mastered by Joel Wanasek.  H27’s debut EP ‘Verboten’ was released in June of 2018.  Their album ‘The Road to Nowhere’ was released shortly after and received many positive reviews and worldwide exposure.  H27 played several shows to support their new album.  Everything came to a halt in 2020 due to covid, but song writing for a new album did begin.

The new material demonstrated H27’s growth since their last releases.  In 2021, H27 entered Cherry Pit Studios again to work with Ryan Kutz.  The new album was recorded in just 11 days.  Mastering was once again done by Joel Wanasek.  The album ‘Dark Skies Filled With Lies’ was released on April 29, 2022 to critical acclaim.  Be on the lookout for H27 and their unique brand of sonic indulgence.

Band Line-Up:
Steve Statler – vocals/guitar
Rob ”Schack” Schackmann – guitars/keys/backing vocals
Bobby Farr – vocals/drums/percussion
Ken Boggs – bass/backing vocals

Dark Skies Filled With Lies – 04/29/2022
The Road to Nowhere – 06/22/18
Verboten EP – 06/08/18

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