Haema – Insurrection

I used to give the look to all those who dare to say anything about metalcore, or modern metal. The references I got just were wrong, and I won’t say the bands names I had. It doesn’t matter. My mind started to change reviewing here for Metal Addicts. Haema with “Insurrection” is a good band, but I wouldn’t say that Haema is a metalcore band. I guess Haema fit better as groove, because I felt a lot of Rage Against The Machine in them.

“Insurrection” is an effort that surprises from the beginning. Title track, “Eden,” is a very furious one. “Eden’s” ferocious bass is awsome with some fierciful vocals. The singer screams a lot, I must say, and as you all know I like screaming singer. Bands sometimes forget that the bass is a very important instrument, and it must be more exploited. The second track, “Free Man,” has a rap spirit with the bass taking the lead again. ‘It’s so good to be free’ I can’t agree more with that. Unlike most of their peers, Haema attempt some guitar solos when they are asked from the song, therefore it’s a punk attitude, and we must respect that.

But the most complex one in my opinion is the title track, “Insurrection.” The guitar riffs are strong and powerful. I liked the naive guitar solos in it, they work pretty well to “Insurrection,” and that is what really counts. Again, unlike their peers, Haema are very creative, so their songs aren’t alike. And so are the vocals, another highlight of Haema. Sometimes they are too modern, but singer knows how to dose them with more well-put screaming. There’s another influence I felt in “Two Minds” that I’m sure Haema guys didn’t notice. I’m sure nobody noticed… The bass and the vocals are very similar to Cirith Ungol’s first efforts. I mean the tone and the bass playing remind just a little bit.

Bands like Haema with “Insurrection” make old dogs like me learn new tricks…

Track Listing:

  1. Eden
  2. Free Man
  3. Insurrection
  4. Thirte3n
  5. Two Minds

Watch the official video to here: