HAGATHORN To Release Debut Album ‘Hartwold’ In October


American folk artist Will Ott and his music project HAGATHORN will release the wondrous debut album Hartwold on October 9th.

With Hartwold, HAGATHORN evokes medieval atmospheres inspired by ancient folklore and the Old World. Its captivating journey through forest and meadow is adorned with timeless melodies and soul-soothing hymns channeled through archaic instruments, enforcing an aura of pastoral beauty.

Hartwold track listing:

1. Meadow Gale
2. Hartwold
3. Krummavísur
4. Hrethmonath
5. Mistfall
6. The Old Orchard
7. Udröst
8. Birch Lore

A string is plucked. Its bold sound echoes through the woods, a yearning voice from years long past. A drum answers, an ancient string ensemble beckons. Soon, the entire flowing passage of time is resounding with wistful memories of yore, as American folk music project HAGATHORN awakens a spirit of the past, seamlessly joining man and nature.

Pre-orders for the album are available at Nordvis webstore.