HAILSTEEL Releases New Single And Music Video ‘Raw Rapid Aggressive’

Hailsteel band

The Speed Metal rising power from  Athens Greece, HAILSTEEL release their first single, “Raw Rapid Aggressive,” along with the official music video, which can be seen below. “Raw Rapid Aggressive” will be included in Hailsteel’s debut album which is about to be released in the next weeks. 

The production and the release were made by the band and Vertex Needle Multimedia while the video was filmed in Athens, Greece.

HAILSTEEL is a band that is committed to heavy metal, strongly influenced by bands of the 80s. They have shared the stage with names who have left their mark on the field such as FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, BLACK TRIP, VULTURES VENGEANCE, Blaze Bayley, AMKEN and etc. Characteristic of their sound are the fast speeds and the many leads that shape the dynamic and aggressive form of the band that ranges between Heavy and Speed Metal!