Lzzy Hale

HALESTORM‘s Lzzy Hale has urged her fans to vote for Joe Biden in next week’s presidential election.

Hale took to Twitter to share a picture of “The Big Lebowski” Abiden 2020 Shut The F*ck Up Donny t-shirt design, and wrote along: “The dude aBides… this aggression will not stand! Vote now! #notTrump #voteagainst #EnoughIsEnough #voteagainstidiocracy.”

In a separate tweet, she said: “I stand for everyone in our community, I stand for love. I stand against hate and ignorance. Is Biden going to save the world… I don’t know, but it is the next logical step toward Kicking Trump out of our feeds and our lives.”

During a 2018 appearance on Live 105 radio station in Halifax, Hale was asked if it was hard to avoid writing about politics on HALESTORM‘s latest album, Vicious, she responded: “Absolutely. “We even said that early on, because there have been some people that have picked certain things out from our record that we weren’t necessarily consciously trying to do. We kind of stay away from politics and religion; with those two things, you can’t really win. So it’s one of those things where we kind of stay away from it — we just wanna rock; that’s all we wanna do.

“But it is really hard not to let that stuff soak in, because it’s just there — always, especially nowadays,” she continued. “Whereas before, you could kind of ignore it — you’re, like, ‘Oh, people that are into politics, they’re paying attention to that.’ And now everybody’s into it, and it affects so many different people, and it affects friendships. So, for us, our main goal is, like, ‘All right, we can’t necessarily escape it, but since we’re in a position where people are going to listen to what we’re doing, let’s make sure we put out some empowerment, we put some positivity out there, because there’s too much crap going on right now.’ So that was kind of our m.o. But, yeah, it’s definitely tough.”