HAMMER KING Launch New Video For Single ‘Atlantis (Epilogue)’

Hammer King

After releasing “Hammerschlag” as a first glimpse of what power metallers  HAMMER KING have to offer on their new album Hammer King which is due out June 11 via Napalm Records, now they reveal their anthem Atlantis (Epilogue)” to the world! On Atlantis (Epilogue)”, power metallers HAMMER KING reveal their melodic side as singer and guitarist Titan Fox V shows off his incredible vocal range. Dynamic songwriting meets multi-faceted, virtuoso guitar solos!

Singer/guitarist Titan Fox V about the new single Atlantis (Epilogue)”:
With great pride we are to announce the release of the second video single off our upcoming album HAMMER KING: ‘Atlantis (Epilogue)’.

Atlantis has been on everyone’s list. It’s an epic song actually written on the Lake Zürich. Its lyrics go back to some of the earliest hours in human history or mythology. It also serves as an epilogue to our nautical trilogy off the Poseidon Will Carry Us Home album. Some of our finest lead guitars meet big vocals and counterpoint singing. Carry us back home!”

HAMMER KING keeps it heavy with speedy riffs, energic grooves and fist-pumping choruses, devoting their existence to the one and only myth of the godly Hammer King! The new self-titled album starts off with blasting drums and brisk guitars on Awaken the Thunder, with frontman and guitarist Titan Fox V showing off his incredible vocal range, whereas tracks like Atlantis prove HAMMER KING’s ability to write catchy and memorable choruses. Hammer King tells the lore of the Hammer King himself, a wrathful and mighty war god, who is praised in tracks like anthemic Baptized by the Hammer, energetic and double-bass driven “In the Name of the Hammer” and the hard-hitting Hammerschlag. Kneel before the king of kings, the HAMMER KING!

Hammer King Tracklisting:
1. Awaken the Thunder
2. Baptized by the Hammer
3. Onward to Victory
4. Hammerschlag
5. Atlantis (Epilogue)
6. We Are the Kingdom
7. Into the Storm
8. Ashes to Ashes
9. In the Name of the Hammer
10. Kings of Kings
11. Holy (Outro)
12. Hammerschlag (HK Version) Bonus Track (physical only)