Hangatyr – Kalt

If the fan pays close attention to the guitars on Hangatyr “Kalt,” he will notice that the guitars works as a cathalizer of emotions as anger, pity and anguish. Their lines were built in order to make the fan feel all those emotion while listening to them. The chaos created here is a melancholic one, as if the destructor or creator of it suddenly regreted what he did. There is a lot a of bitterness in Hangatyr music through this present album “Kalt.” It seems like the devil finally got his intent but he let grew an enormeous remorse.

The eight songs herein “Kalt” are full of those sad melodies. I guess sad is not the exact word for what Hangatyr desire to pass the fan. As I said before, melancholy and regret would fit better. As a matter of fact, only the naive believe that life on this sad and pathetic planet is good or satisfying. On its own way Black Metal shows this and more. Using evil as a metaphor allows Black metal to make a powerful, and tortuous, critique of life on this planet. If there is a blunt critique on life the way it is, Black metal provides it. Besides the melancholy there is the despair. Despair is the word to help explain what we all feel inside when faced to the extreme changes this world presents us. It is impossible to listen to a track as “Verweht” and not to feel all the despair that comes around. Misery comes as an auxiliary. The feeling that a track like “Niedergang” passes mixes all those emotions. The only way the fan has is to listen and stay cathatonic? No, not really. To feel anger is a possible, and desirable, answer to what is post. Black Metal is only an escapism as some authors posit. But I believe more. I do.

Hangatyr “Kalt” will be released on March 02nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Niedergang
  2. Entferntes Ich
  3. Firnheim
  4. Blick aus Eis
  5. Kalter Grund
  6. …kalt
  7. Mittwinter
  8. Verweht 

Watch “Blick aus Eis” official music video here: