Harakiri for the Sky – Mӕre Review

Before more than 1,000 reviews the fan knows a little who I am. I’m the one who asks the questions nobody else dares to or is stupid enough to ask because they are too obvious. For starters, as a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as obvious. What is ‘obvous’ to oneself isn’t to the other. And life goes on. Well, but the thing is I got curious about the name of the band – you, my child of the night, know that I always do that when I strange the name of the band. It’s a recurring habit I have. So, I went to the know-it-all Google and asked the question to know what ‘Harakiri for the sky’ means. The answer came from the band: “Our name stands for the urge to free yourself in a world full of rules and compulsion.” Ok, then. Problem solved.

The fan that is younger for a longer time knows that years ago this kind of mix “Harakiri for the sky” and “Mӕre” deliver would be impossible. In a nutshell, Atmospheric Black Metal is the combination of the growled and gutural vocals with an instrumental that sometimes reaches the muzak or sounds of the lounge. Hold your horses, my dear fan, I said sometimes. Bands use this estrategy to allow them to experiment. From where I’m standing, I love this combination of the kind and sweet with the beastly and horrendous. The ten tracks of “Mӕre” offer this exact combination. “Three Empty Words” goes farther with a combined instrumental that goes from the speed-of-the-light to the most doomy and cadenced. By the way, the length of the tracks in “Mӕre” is about eight minutes or so. All tracks are long. The shortest is “Song to Say Goodbye” with five minutes and the longest is “I’m All About The Dusk” with more than eleven minutes. There are tracks as “Once upon a Winter” whose instrumental reminds a lot 1980s postpunk bands with the combination of open clean chords and some strumming. Of course, in a ten-minute track everything can happen especially when it comes to an Atmospheric Black Metal. So, as expected, the track has lots of moods and atmospheres. Guitars in “And Oceans Between Us” sound a lot as Big Country used to do. I mean the combination of high guitar phrases with a mild distorted arrangement. The combination with the insane vocals make the track a killer. Grande finale is “Song to Say Goodbye” which is a Placebo cover.

Great album with great combination of moods and atmospheres. Recommended to the ones who enjoy contrasts.

Harakiri for the sky “Mӕre” will be released on January 29th via AOP Records.

Track Listing:

  1. I, Pallbearer
  2. Sing for the Damage We’ve Done
  3. Us Against December Skies
  4. I’m All about the Dusk
  5. Three Empty Words
  6. Once upon a Winter
  7. And Oceans Between Us
  8. Silver Needle – Golden Dawn
  9. Time Is a Ghost
  10. Song to Say Goodbye

Watch “I, Pallbearer” official lyric video here: