HAVOK Unleash Lyric Video For New Track ‘Hang ‘Em High’; Reveal ‘Conformicide’ Album Tracklisting

Colorado / USA based thrash metal outfit HAVOK are disseminating the first new track off their upcoming album, “Conformicide”. The song, titled “Hang ‘Em High“, can be heard as of today via the lyric video (Created by Cloud Music Typography) below and is also the first instant grat track for those who pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes. “Conformicide” will see a March 10th release on Century Media Records.

Speaking about the message behind “Hang ‘Em High” and the accompanying lyric video, David Sanchez (lead vocals, guitar) comments: “In our current political atmosphere, corruption runs deep. This is our response. It’s time to wake up.”

HAVOK – “Conformicide” Tracklisting:
1. F.P.C.
2. Hang ‘Em High
3. Dogmaniacal
4. Intention To Deceive
5. Ingsoc
6. Masterplan
7. Peace Is In Pieces
8. Claiming Certainty
9. Wake Up
10. Circling The Drain

Bonus Tracks (Special Edition CD):
11. String Break
12. Slaughtered

Bonus Tracks (Gatefold 2LP + CD):
11. String Break
12. Slaughtered
13. Claiming Certainty (Live)