Hawaii – Loud, Wild and Heavy

You know, the more I do it the more I like it. As I told before I often listen to an album more than one time because only one isn’t enough to capture everything the band has to offer. Sometimes you are not in the mood. Your head is full of other thoughts or you have listened to many other bands before and you are tired. Not fair to the bands. They deserve more respect. At least to be heard with all the attention you can give them. That was the case of this Hawaii “Loud, Wild and Heavy.” I was to begin my review with “If I were you I would go right to third, “Escape the Night,” and fifth tracks, ‘Life Goes on’.” I was flat wrong, my boys and girls. Tracks one,“Bad Boys of Metal,” and two, “Loud, Wild and Heavy” are awesome as well. Well, but I still stick to my opinion that they are best. No, not being stuborn. Well, an old folk can be a bit.

I’ve got to open a parenthesis here to the ballad “Life Goes on” which is one of the most beautiful and meaningful ballads I’ve ever heard, and I have heard plenty. Simply perfect. Lyrics teach a life lasting lesson: life goes on. It doesn’t matter what it is, life goes on. It doesn’t matter how hurt you are, life goes on. A perfect combination of melody, beauty, emotion, and power. The perfect heavy ballad. Following track, “Escape the Night” is not a ballad, but also full of emotional content. Great solo. Not full of shreads, but effective, and beautiful. Eddie Day at his best. Following track, “Rhapsody in Black” is an instrumental chance to Marty shows everything he’s got. And he did. The track is strong and full of shreading, but not that cheap and cheesy one, the one where the guitarist shows everything he’s got and we keep on wanting some more. That’s the deal! The end sounds a bit familiar, but I can’t recognise where it comes from right now.

There are two fun facts about “Loud, Wild and Heavy.” One of them I’m pretty sure I’ve never seem in any other place before which is a radio ad of the album. The other, not so usual,  but it happens, is a radio interview with the guys.

“Loud, Wild and Heavy” is a very sweet album even though you can’t cope with guitars. Of course, Marty wins the day. But it’s not only what Hawaii had to offer, it features us much more.

Life goes on…

Hawaii “Loud, Wild and Heavy” reissue was released on March 30th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Bad Boys of Metal
  2. Loud, Wild and Heavy
  3. Escape the Night
  4. Rhapsody in Black
  5. Life Goes on
  6. School’s Out
  7. Radio ad
  8. Interview

Watch “Loud, Wild and Heavy” video here:

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