Hazzerd – Delirium

There are reviews that are written by themselves due to the impact the band and the album impose on us. Sometimes the material is so good and remarkable that we don’t even think on what to write. It just flows. Some albums we don’t have to listen it to the end to write the review due to the so great quality of it. I just love when that happens. That’s exactly what happened with Hazzerd and their delirious “Delirium” – so sorry for the pun. Sometimes I can’t resist. “Delirium” brings back a sonance that I though it was forever forgotten. A sonance that Metal Church and Overkill made famous, but got lost in time due to the advent of faster and heavier stuff. It’s the fast paced Old School Heavy Metal with touches of Thrash in vocals and instrumentals which aren’t enough to label them as Thrash, or even, as Heavy Metal. It’s not even Power or Speed Metal due, again, to the vocals.

“Delirium” is exciting and breathtaking with a neat and inspired instrumental. Memorable! It is a non stop flight to the end of the award as one of the best album of 2020. Tracks as “Call of the Void” have jawbreaking instrumentals sequences that amaze the fan. It’s important to mention in no moment Hazzerd forget that they are a Heavy Metal band and they must play loud, heavy, and punchfully. There are times bands in order to write high quality instrumentals forget the punch. It happens more than we’d like. The mandatory headbanging tracks are present in tracks as “Illuminated Truth” and the delicious opening track “Sacrifice Them (In the Name of God)” and its groovy, but effective guitar riffing. Another secret of Hazzerd is the variety of themes, paces, tempos and instrumentals. There is no track similar to the other and they all maintain the same Hazzerd level of quality. High standards, my friends, high standards. Last, but not least, “The End” closes the album with a top off.

To Metal detractors, “Delirium” is a bunchful of clichés. I can just laugh at them because, of course, there are clichés in it. The thing is that it is impossible to write an entire without them. No one has ever done, no one ever will. As I said many other times, the fact is how you work with them. Hazzerd did wonders.

Hazzerd “Delirium” will be released on January 24th via M-Theory Audio.

Track Listing:

  1. Sacrifice Them (In the Name of God)
  2. A Tormented Reality
  3. Sanctuary for the Mad
  4. Victim of a Desperate Mind
  5. Call of the Void
  6. Dead in the Shed
  7. Illuminated Truth
  8. Waking Nightmare
  9. The Decline
  10. The End (outro)

Watch “A Tormented Reality” official video here: