HEADS FOR THE DEAD Streams New Track ‘The Awakening’

The release of HEADS FOR THE DEAD is close to us. Not only does it have members of very well-known bands like WOMBBATH, URSINNE and REVEL IN FLESH, the music that they have created is truly exceptional.

It’s horror-themed death metal that’s trying to find its own voice and to that extent it succeeds despite the genre having progressed over the decades. Now you can listen new track “The Awakening” below.

 Jonny Pettersson (also in HENRY KANEPALE KING) has used all his experience to create truly menacing music that is epic in scope and also fairly original. There are few albums that you’ll hear such as this one that has perfectly encapsulated various facets of death metal without compromising on the overall sound. REVEL IN FLESH‘s Ralf Hauber is terrifying on vocals and brings this whole event to life.

Members of SENTIENT HORROR (Matt Moliti) and WOMBBATH (Håkan Stuvemark) furthermore liven up the proceedings with their guest solos, with the session drummer of DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN (Erik Bevenrud) pounding away triumphantly.

Right from the hair-raising warning that goes off to the fitting finish with a WOLFBRIGADE cover, the debut album of HEADS FOR THE DEAD will keep you riveted, thoroughly enthralled, and will invariably have you scrambling to hit the repeat play button of what is arguably this year’s most awaited release from Transcending Obscurity Records.