Heaving Earth – Darkness of God Review

Heheheheheheheh Cool! Isn’t it great when your reviews out of the blue start to complete each other? When the subject of the two previous reviews meet into this one? Ok. I know I let you my dear fan clueless. I’ll elaborate. Besides loving to quote myself – really, I do – in my last review I told that I went from both extremes of Metal music in two following reviews. One fo them was from a raw and lo-fi album which had all the heart and soul Metal loves and the other was from a band whose flawless musicianship let no doubt about the dextery of Metal musicians. Now with Heaving Earth and “Darkness of God” I have both in only album. Undoubtedly, “Darkness of God” has both elements in a very clear way. It’s not lo-fi, but the heart and soul is here. About the musicianship I’ll tell my dear fan to go straight ahead to “Apologetics (of Failure and Fall)” to get a glimpse at the guitar lines and tell me how does it feel.

I’m aware other albums did that but “Darkness of God” proves that the heart and soul and even the putridity of Extreme Metal can be mixed with a higher level of musicianship. So much for the times when Extreme Metal was a synonym to poorly played albums and ever poorer musicianship. An album can he heavy as hell and still be a piece of an extremely well-played Metal. It’s not only the musicianship but also the intricate layers of music that tracks as “Cardinal Sin” deliver the fan. The kind of track that takes musical chaos to another level of intricacy. Pay close attention the drumming and how drummer Giulio Galati attends to follow all the intricate notes of the song. Pay attention how he gives so few notes and even make the song a masterpiece. The guy mixes the spirit of Free Jazz to Metal drumming. Amazing the way he does that so easily.

I’m als aware that it’s been a long way until Metal music could mix both proficiencies into it. It was not that easy to maintain the heavyness and the speed – both souls of Metal music – and the intricate way of making music. The key to it was to think the intricate as a musical chaos. That’s what Heaving Earth do here. Above all things “Darkness of God” showcases musis as an organized chaos. Just the way Metal fans love it. The perfect Metal mix. As the press release says Heaving Earth and “Darkness of God” aren’t for the mediocre. Musical malevolence and chaos taken to the other level.

Heaving Earth “Darkness of God” was released on May 27th via Lavadome Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Violent Gospels (Ordination of the Holy Trinity)
  2. Crossing the Great Divide (Prayer to a Crumbling Shrine)
  3. Apologetics (Of Failure and Fall)
  4. Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods
  5. Cardinal Sin
  6. The Lord’s Lamentations
  7. Earthly Kingdom of God in Ruins
  8. Flesh–Ridden Providence
  9. Woeful Redemption

Watch “Apologetics (of Failure and Fall)” official video here: