Heavy Feather – Mountain of Sugar Review

It’s pretty hard to place someone in a time ine hasn’t lived and has no idea of what it was like. Sometimes one can have the feeling to have lived or experienced, this feeling, or déjà vu, happens to anyone who has never lived that time though the emotions are so vivid. This feeling is much more powerful and so present when one listens to the powerful music of that time. Heavy Feather sure bring me the all the emotion I feel when I remind this time I heaven’t lived, but though it’s alive in memory whatsover.

When I reviewed 2019’s Débris & Rubble I really haven’t the idea this band could make me do such a trip. Though the album was really good and so perfectly fit to the music and time they wanted to represent. However “Mountain of Sugar” is really something else. The album is the real deal as if the fan were listening to an album that was recorded in 1968 or 1969. Neat and careful attention to the details. Perfect timing and accomplish of the techniques of playing and recording. All this makes “Mountain of Sugar” an album hard to forget.

First of all, “Mountain of Sugar” brings the likes of “Jefferson Starship” and Janis Joplis for most of the time. Vocalist Lisa Lystam has the gift of a tone of voice that can fit both legends. It’s not only that, the choruses are also so perfect, so especially fit that the package gets to sound so real. The catch is always in the details, my child of the night – by the way, the devil is as well. It’s not only care for the right amp, the right microphone, or the right instruments. Listen to “Bright in My Mind” and, please, dare to say the song doesn’t bring you to 1968 or sometime near. Pay close attention to the details of voice and arrangements. Listen to Lisa’s voice. See how see does the chorus. Just astonishing. The song is time located perfectly. Just that. “Love Will Come Easy” is the combination of the instrumentals of Mountain and the voice of Janis Joplin, if this is possible. Talking about Mountain “Sometimes I Feel” has a male vocal – the press release doesn’t identify who sings – who makes the song reminds a lot the band. The intro with cowbells in “Lovely Lovely Lovely” has the same feeling as well.

Thank you so much for Heavy Feather making me do this delicious timel travel.

Heavy Feather “Mountain of Sugar” will be released on April 09th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. 30 Days
  2. Bright in My Mind
  3. Love Will Come Easy
  4. Mountain of Sugar
  5. Too Many Times
  6. Let It Shine
  7. Come We Can Go
  8. Sometimes I Feel
  9. Lovely Lovely Lovely
  10. Ruble Débris
  11. Asking in Need 

Watch official music video here:

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