Heavy Metal Music Can Help You Promote Scientific Thinking, According To Canadian Professor


According to a Canadian psychology professor, Rodney Schmaltz, heavy metal music can help promote scientific thinking in the classroom.

In a recently published article in the open access journal Frontiers in Psychology for their series, “Novel Approaches to Teaching Scientific Thinking: Psychological Perspectives”, Dr. Schmaltz states his claim.

“While heavy metal music may not be something typically covered in an introductory psychology textbook, there are many useful resources from this area of popular culture that can help promote scientific thinking in the classroom. From hidden messages in JUDAS PRIEST‘s music to SLAYER being accused of inciting murder, heavy metal music has a long history of unique instances that are directly related to psychology. By incorporating examples from the world of heavy metal, educators can discuss scientific thinking in a way that is engaging and memorable for students.,” says Dr. Schmaltz.

You can read entire article at this location.