HEAVYS Creates Headphones Engineered For Heavy Metal


Heavys was created by a group of metalheads who felt metal music deserves a better set of headphones. With headquarters in NYC, engineering in Germany, design from Switzerland and speaker manufacturing from Denmark, Heavys is truly global.

Engineered by industry veteran Axel Grell who led high end audio at Sennheiser and the father of the legendary HD series, Heavys introduces a number of interesting concepts into their headphones.

1. Lossless detail richness through 4 speakers in each side

Most headphones have one driver per side. Heavys has four. Having 4 drivers allows each of them to focus on different frequencies. No need for one driver to try and accommodate for lows, mids and highs together. And each speaker releases sound in the frequency range that suits its purpose. It reduces distortions and lets you hear lows, mids and highs clearly, especially for the unique and

complex sounds of heavy metal music. 

2. Loudness enhancement without harming your hearing

Heavys headphone’s patent pending psycho acoustic technology broadcasts certain frequencies at specific volumes that will make you feel as though the music is louder, but without adding pressure to the ear.  Hear your music better, louder and safer.

3. Unique tweeters location for a natural sound field

Our ear canals are a magnificent piece of engineering created over thousands of years of evolution. We actually hear music best when it comes directly in front of us.  Most headphones are built with the speaker perpendicular to your ear. Heavys unique speaker location and acoustical setup generates a soundfield that stimulates natural, front-oriented soundfield with tweeters.

4. Protect your ears after long hours of music listening

A dosimeter system with a built-in pressure gauge allows you to crank up the volume without damaging your ears. With a built-in SPL dosimeter technology, additional ear protection is achieved from listening fatigue or hearing loss.

Heavys headphones are available on Kickstarter starting at early bird pricing of $149.