Heidevolk – Velua

Heidevolk Velua Heidevolk have now set the godd*mn bar for what a a traditional pagan/folk metal album should sound like from now because their upcoming 5th album “Velua” is f*cking great in every single way from its vocals to the super detailed cover art.

“Velua” has amazing sound for its entirety from beginning to end with masterfully crafted guitars, drums, and vocals and even added sounds like in the beginning of one track has the sound of a boar in the wilderness with a hunter sneaking up on it and the satisfying sound of an arrow being shot off to kill said boar. Just done fantastically.

Heidevolk have definitely earned their place amongst my favorite folk metal bands like Ensiferum and Korpiklaani, and rightfully so.

“Velua” comes out March 20th and can be purchased via iTunes here, and you can stream the opening track “Winter Woede” via YouTube right below.

Track Listing:

  1. Winter Woede
  2. Herboren in Vlammen
  3. Urth
  4. De Hallen Van Mijn Vaderen
  5. De Vervloekte Jacht
  6. Drankgelag
  7. Velua
  8. Een Met de Storm
  9. Richting de Wievenbelter
  10. In Het Diepst der Nacht
  11. Vinland
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