Hell in the Skies – Hell in the Skies II Review

It’s been almost eight years I”ve writing reviews here and I still don’t get why so many Heavy Rock or Psychedelic Rock new bands end up with one or another influence of grunge. I’ve seen so many bands with this feature. It may be the guitars or it may be the vocals. Well, mostly vocals. This “Hell in the Skies II” EP commences pretty much well with a high energized welcome track, but, from then on the mood shifts totally with the aforementioned influences. It really beats me.

Ok, now that said, we can go on. As an album, “Hell in the Skies II” could be divided into two different parts. The first part would be the one formed by album welcomer “Fields of Betrayal” and grand finale “Prince of Wallachia” with an Old School Metal slant. Album welcomer “Fields of Betrayal” commences pretty well with a big guitar riff and great vocal performance with a very personal voice from vocalist Asmoday. Here the guy shows a pretty tough voice just the way Metal music requires. grand finale “Prince of Wallachia” kind of follows the steps of album warmer with a great guitar pick that glues ninto the fans mind. The track almost loses it going into the grunge direction, but it straights out and comebacks to a more Metal direction with amazing guitar leads. Unarguably these are the best tracks of the album.

Now the second part of the album.

Inexplicably, starting with “Riotous Uproar” the album takes a shift into the aforementioned influence. It’s just I don’t like the turn. That’s it. The doomy instrumentals are okay. They are strong, but vocals taking to the direction ruins it. However, in the middle of it all, there is the sweet and gentle “Sad & Done” that saves the day with an inspired vocal with the soar voice we all like.

If it were only for the first part of the album I would say it would be very promising, but, there is always one of them, the second part kind of ruins it. It’s a tie my dear child of the night. Let’s wait for the untying match, I mean, album.

Hell in the Skies “Hell in the Skies II” was released on May 15th.

Track Listing:

  1.  Fields Of Betrayal
  2. Riotous Uproar
  3. Vicious Scorn
  4. Sad & Done
  5. Mental Asylum
  6. Prince of Wallachia

Watch official music video here: