HELLEBORUS Streaming New Track ‘Draconian Discipline’


Unleashing their much anticipated debut album “The Carnal Sabbath” via Satanth Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on June 17th, 2016, Colorado Springs, CO black metal duo HELLEBORUS founded by brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman will be supporting Norwegian black metal masters TAAKE for their tour stop Denver on June 5th at the Roxy Theatre. Full details can be found here.

The duo recently premiered their latest single “Draconian Discipline” and can be listened below.

Their album “The Carnal Sabbath” is a Bacchic frenzy of carnal abandon told through lascivious guitars and tempting bass rhythms along with elements of black, death and doom metal to provide a vast backdrop for an ambiance of potential and possibility. Fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to be seduced by HELLEBORUS.

We’ve always had a vision for the type of black metal project Helleborus would be. We wanted to explore and deliver a darker and yet more romantic side of black metal. There is an unknown side of metal that is masculine and powerful, yet sensual and respectful; controlled chaos.” comments vocalist Wyatt Houseman.

1. Helleborus Black (6:51)
2. Coils (5:06)
3. Edge Of Black Waters (6:17)
4. Colored Spores of Yuggoth (5:42)
5. Draconian Discipline (4:40)
6. The Poison of Sleep (5:23)
7. Temple of Seventh Death (4:24)
8. A Gift of Renewal (7:08)
9. The Carnal Sabbath (9:17)
Album Length: 54:50