HELLFEST Crowd Flips Off LINKIN PARK While Playing New Material, CHESTER BENNINGTON Reacts

During LINKIN PARK‘s performance on June 18 at this year’s Hellfest in France crowd didn’t react well when band started playing their new material, which forced LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington to share few tweets.

“Hellfest was fun. Had a blast watching people mosh to ‘In the End and then flip me off when we played ‘Heavy.’ I blew them kisses.

“After I blew kisses to the guys flipping me off. They smiled and gave me heart hands back.

“I welcomed the huge crowd of condemned souls to HELLFEST in my metal voice then we played ‘Invisible.’ The look of shock on people’s faces.

“All kidding aside… the crowd was great and handled our set pretty well. Our French fans are awesome.

“Does anyone else find it funny that the same people calling us sellouts are suggesting that we change our set to conform to HELLFEST?”