Hellfrost and Fire – Fire, Frost and Hell Review

It’s impossible to me not to remind the mith Cirith Ungol and their debut album “Frost and Fire” while listening to Hellfrost and Fire with “Fire, Frost and Hell” here. Of course, the two bands don’t sound the same not even a bit. To the best of my knowledge Hellfrost and Fire are alike Sepultura with Max Cavalera. To be more precise of “Beneath the Remains” era and to be even more precise the vocals. Go straight ahead to “A Crown of Conquest” and see that I’m right. I feel here the same honest straight ahead mood though Hellfrost and Fire have some instrumental ups and downs. That’s the story “The Lost King and the Heir Apparent” tells in its clean naive guitar intro though the guitars prowess change a lot during the track.

Hellfrost and Fire are a Benediction’s David Ingram’s and Old School Death Metal project with some fix members and guests. The band chose a minimalist way of making their noise with very few notes and no fancy production. “Frost and Fire” isn’t stripped down but the songs are short and have few instrumental passages. There are few guitar solos in the album but they are remarkable. Check “Sonance of the Swords” and see what I’m talking about. “Within and Without the Emperor’s Frontier” also delivers an intersting guuitar solo using the whammy bar technique mixed with some simples notes. The effect gets amazing. Take the moment to enjoy the drumming and the thing drummer Travis Ruvo does with the bass drums. By the way, it’s the song with the most remarkable and catchy chorus. There’s a Black metal mesmerizing intent about the guitar riffs as in “Debris Wrought From Winter” as the guitar goes repeating the main riff for all over the song. The idea is to get the fan’s attention by the repetition.

“Fire, Frost and Hell” is for Old School Death Metal fans. Well, I guess not only because the album is pretty amazing and atractive to all death metallers. It’s a down to earth album in terms of lyrics and instrumentals. As I said the album has no fancy production and very few polishings. For the ones who like the simple things of life.

Hellfrost and Fire “Fire, Frost and Hell” will be released on March 18th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Legion of Hellfrost and Fire
  2. Black Secrets in the Splintering Walls
  3. Across the Bridge of Tyrants
  4. Meridian’s Acquisition
  5. The Lost King and the Heir Apparent
  6. A Crown of Conquest
  7. Debris Wrought from Winter
  8. Sonance of the Swords
  9. Throne of Infinite Illusion
  10. Within and Without the Emperor’s Frontier

Watch “Legion of Hellfrost and Fire” official video here: