HELLSIKE! Feel Like in the ‘Insanitarium’

Hellsike! have over the years, taken their influences and made it easy to recognizable for everyone. After playing around at small venues, early years, it took a while before it expand and they were working on the self-titled debut album (2017).

First single that came out was “Caged Monster” (2017) . After the release, the press threw the dices and the band got very good critics for their debut (can also been seen at the bands homepage at facebook. The band starting to work with Bruntvedt Booking (2017 –   ) and been touring a couple of years before starting to write for the new album.

The idea to do a concept album was originally inspired by Queensryche and their masterpiece “Operation Mindcrime.”

Mental illness in perspective, because it`s such a strong and important theme to lift up. 5 lyric videos was made to reinforce the message on the album.

First single was released a while before the album went out, and that was the title track from the album, “Insanitarium.” The band added some thrash elements into their sound now. They wanted an angrier sound this time. The album release at 26 March 2021 and also contains guest vocals from the voice of No Dawn/Wasteland Valley, Tor Erik Simensen (backing and lead vocal) on the track “Invisible Wounds.” Choir on “Insanitarium” is Julie Kvarme (daughter of Ole Morten). Piano arrangement on “Welcome Inside” and “Farewell” is done by Jostein Brandtzaeg Skjei, and creative mastermind Audun Austli (Tonemakeriet Studio)

Band Line-Up:

Ole Morten Kvarme: all rhythm and lead guitars , vocal
Kristoffer Berg Haugan: bass guitar
Kent Skjeflo: drums

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