Hemotoxin – When Time Becomes Loss Review

I’ll admit I have some crystalized thoughts in my mind about Metal music. One of them is about the bands’ names. By the looks of it, I can tell the genre it belongs. Well, so far. From where I’m standing, Hemotoxin should be the name of a Thrash Metal band. It isn’t so. Don’t blame me! The first thing that comes to my mind is Anthrax. I can’t help it. Here we have Old School Death Metal at its best with insane guitar riffs. By the way, not only the riffs, but all guitars in “When Time Becomes Loss” are definitely amazing. Brutally technical with lots of raw energy. Just the way we metalheads love them. Technically, “When Time Becomes Loss” is a mix of Brutal Death Metal vocals with dashes of Old School Heavy Metal instrumentals that turn up to be insane.

“When Time Becomes Loss” commences with the insane Speed Metal driven “Morbid Reflections,” the track that shows everything Hemotoxin have got. It’s the perfect mix I told before. Death Metal vocals with dashes of Old School Heavy Metal instrumentals. Fast, furious, insane, velocity driven as all the album. Following track “Call From The Abyss” is just as insane with a more Old School Death Metal guitars. It reminds a little the guitars of Sepultura of “Arise” era. Just the same insanely fast guitar riffing. Here it’s also possible to realize how skilled Scott Fuller is with the drums. He insanely follows the guitars at all cost making it hard to stop the headbanging. As the album rolls on, it’s clear that high velocity is definitely the band’s stapler because all tracks are in an insane speed even for Death Metal. Go straight ahead to “Abstract Commands” and listen to the bloodshed the band created here. It’s only with the intro to “Conscious Descent” the can rest for a while. Only for a while because soon enough the ears’ spanking comes back in time. By the way, bass lines here are really something.

It won’t be hard for any death metaller to like “When Time Becomes Loss.” The real difficult thing is to stop listening to it or to stop headbanging. The insane atmosphere Hemotoxin created is really something to praise. Metal for Metal lovers. No more, no less.

via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Morbid Reflections
  2. Call from the Abyss
  3. Malediction
  4. Abstract Commands
  5. Conscious Descent
  6. Reborn in Tragedy
  7. When Time Becomes Loss

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