HENRY KANE Announce New Album, ‘Age Of An Idiot’

Henry Kane

The raging grind/crust/death metal monster HENRY KANE is back with an album just as sonically ferocious as before but also mature. The debut album was hailed as one of the heaviest albums ever recorded and this time Jonny Pettersson of WOMBBATHHEADS FOR THE DEADNATTRAVNEN fame, joined by a slew of new members, proves that there’s more to this band’s music than just an intimidating wall of sound banging against you repeatedly.

Age of the Idiot is one of the most anticipated albums in the style which fits snugly alongside similar-minded Transcending Obscurity labelmates in MEDIUMGOREGANG, and BONES. The album is remarkably varied without compromising on the viciousness, even incorporating an atmosphere of ominous doom laden with shades of melancholy.

It is an album that is a reflection of the current mindset that is responsible for the deplorable acts of people around the world fuelled by misuse of technology. This is the perfect soundtrack to celebrate our rapid descension into self-induced apocalypse.

Age of an Idiot will be released May 22nd via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Age of an Idiot track listing:

1. En Evig Plågan
2. Tidens Tand  
3. Veil of Hatred
4. Den Felande Länken
5. Embraced By Nothing
6. Age of the Idiot    
7. Disposable Humans
8. Entrenched in Nihilism (ft. Liam Hughes of Soothsayer)
9. Mitt Hjärtas Mörker
10. My Sweet Escape
11. Keep us from the Truth
12. No Road to Redemption
13. March of the Dumb
14. By the Virtue of Hate
15. Liar oh Father the Liar
16. Snarans Ballad
17. Take it Back
18. Welcome to Oblivion
19. Psykopaten (Asta Kask cover)

Henry Kane Age Of An Idiot