Herman Frank – Two for a Lie Review

For those about to Metal, Herman Frank is the guitarist of the iconic and definitive and marvelous and wonderful and wondrous and groundbreakning and earthshaking and many more Accept album – Have I said here I love Accept? Hum, I guess I did, but not enough – “Balls to the Wall.” Fun fact is that writing this review changed a lie that I’ve being living for all my life. In fact, Herman Frank didn’t record “Fast as a Shark,” he was credited for it, however he didn’t perform in it. Well, in my twisted and confused mind he’s Wolf Hoffman’s partner. Of his career out of Accept I confess I know nothing. I have some huge gaps in fan background I have to say. In certain ways who doesn’t, am I right?

Ok, then. Here we have “Two for a lie” the most recent work of this incredible guitarist. Listening to this album I could comprehend better what part he took in Accept which wasn’t that clear for me until now. It solved lots of misteries that I had in mind and I noticed that he played an important role in Accept’s sonancy. Yeah, that’s right. Only time tells. For starters, “Two for a lie” isn’t that news. I mean it’s no career changing album, but, to be fair, it’s a good album. Strong and fiery with some good tunes that remind Accept – of course, my dear child of the night. I guess that the most important feature of the album is its German accent that the fan may feel from the very beginning with opening track “Teotonic Order” whose title means a lot. From head to toe it’s a German byproduct. If there is an identity to German Metal it is very well represented here. It’s a fact that Teotonic DNA is all tracks with no exceptions. One very important feature of what I call German Metal is the mix the hard and harsh of Metal with the melodic of classical music. It’s something that it’s very present here. On the other hand, Accept are very well-represented by “Venom” and “Danger” among others.

It’s not possible not to compare or even cite Accept while writing this review of “Two for a lie.” I guess my fan may recognise it. The background is too important to be left behind. It comes first of all things. As I said before, “Two for a lie” is no life-changing album , but it’s good, specially for those like Metal with a German grip bordering the Power and Speed Metal. On the other hand, to say that “Two for a lie” doesn’t have a personality is to overreact. It’s not really accurate, if you ask me. Herman Frank does here what he did with his former partners of Accept and to me that’s a lot.

Herman Frank “Two for a lie” was released on May 21st via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Teutonic Order
  2. Venom
  3. Hate
  4. Eye of the Storm
  5. Liar
  6. Hail the New Kings
  7. Just a Second to Lose
  8. Danger
  9. Stand up and Fight
  10. Open Your Mind

Watch “Eye of the Storm” official video here: