HERMAN LI Reveals How Much DRAGONFORCE Was Paid By Guitar Hero For ‘Through The Fire And Flames’

Herman Li

Guitarist Herman Li has revealed how much DRAGONFORCE was paid for having their song “Through The Fire And Flames” on Guitar Hero’s third installment, 2007’s Legends of Rock.

In a new TikTok video, Herman Li says the band were not paid the “millions of dollars” one might expect for the song, but rather a one-off fee of “just a bit less than $3,000.”

While he does not remember the exact number, the fact that the one-time payment had to be split between numerous parties — including managers, accountants, a record label and, of course, Li’s bandmates — meant that Li barely made any money in the end.

But he went on to say that track led to a great deal of exposure for the band at a time when “guitar music wasn’t really that popular.”

“Letting the audience hear our music and decide if they like it or not was really special, because we definitely don’t play music that fits the radio,” he said. “You’re not gonna hear seven minutes of shredding melodic metal on the radio.”