HEROES DON’T ASK WHY The “Sounds of a Broken Heart” Are So Loud

Heroes Don’t Ask Why is a Finnish melodic rock metal band formed in 2015. Their debut self-titled EP, released in December 2016, got good reviews and radio airplay in many countries from Finland to Australia. Band toured Finland with some high profile acts, such as Waltari.

They entered Studio Watercastle in April 2018 to record a follow-up seven song EP named “Sound of a Broken Heart “and they have deepened their style with this release. Hope you’ll enjoy the album!

Track Listing:

  1. Poisoned Well
  2. Twisted Paradise
  3. 15th of May
  4. My Dear Friend
  5. Wooden Box
  6. Blink of an Eye
  7. Sound of a Broken Heart

Heroes Don’t Ask Why are:

Jussi Pajunpää – vocals, leadguitar

Matias Kaunisvesi – guitar, bgv

Johnny Kivioja – bass, bgv

Kimmo Puhakka – drums, management