HERON Take The ‘Time Immemorial’

In the spring of 2014, HERON were conjured into being in a damp basement somewhere in East Vancouver, Canada.

Combining four veterans of the independent music scene and a back-breaking amount of gear, HERON mix post-rock textures with suffocating guitar riffs, dread-inspiring percussion, and agonizing sludge-metal vocals.

To date, HERON have released two EPs and two full length albums of their own, as well as appeared on several compilations and splits. Each of HERON’s albums are available in a variety of media formats, including digital, cassette, compact disc, 7” vinyl, and 12” vinyl. These have been released independently and through partnerships with labels such as Sludgelord Records and Coup Sur Coup Records.

 HERON have toured extensively across Western Canada and played with such giants of the scene as High on Fire, Conan, Pallbearer, and Primitive Man.
Continuing their relentless quest to play every venue that will let them have a bar tab, HERON have set their sights on Europe, Eastern Canada, and the Western United States with a Western U.S. tour planned for fall of 2020 and a European tour slated for early 2021.

The album will be released on vinyl on May 15th.

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