Hexhammer – Hexhammer

Speed Metal Hell is back! Hexhammer brought it back from the dark and omnious plagues of hell. And Hexhammer not only brought it back, but also paid an enourmeous respect to an unsung german long-gone-but-not-forgoten band: Tyrant. I chilled during the first chords of “House Of Death.”

Hexhammer is one of the reason modernists, the self entitled cool people, and Metal haters just hate us. We love Metal just the way it is. You can say it’s outdated. You can call us names like dinosaurs. We simply don’t care. And we make songs of it, hahahahahahaha. Or bands! More hahahahaha. Get a bunch of angry guys, or girls, of course. Give them some instruments and time. And voilá! It’s done. Nothing else required. Hexhammer guys are the living proof of that. “Hexhammer” is straight ahead speed metal, just the way heavy metallers love.

Hexhammer” is a whole-hearted effort forged down there in the seven circles of hell. There’s no way of praising only one song. All ten pieces are marvelous examples of pure Heavy Metal attitude and heart. But I guess “Stamped” does the job better. Its fast and furious drumming combined with the raspy and gritty vocals just do it. The bass works like a militia. You know it’s there somewhere. And you fear it. Because it gives the needed support when assaulting. Guitarists from all around, no shame if you’re not a virtuoso. Just do your thing, play with all your heart and passion, count 1-2-3, and bang your head the more you can. Last but not forgoten, “Master Of The Mountain” is a very cool atmospheric song featuring another side of “Hexhammer.” Play “Hexhammer” the louder you can, and annoy your neighbohood!

Track Listing:

  1. House Of Death
  2. Nightmare Patrol
  3. Stampede
  4. Eat My Dust
  5. Skjöll (the Sun-Eater)
  6. Midnight Maniacs
  7. Syzygy
  8. Witch Hunt
  9. Desecrators
  10. Master Of The Mountain

You can listen to “Hexhammer” here.


“Hexhammer” is also available via Bandcamp.