HexHorn – Waking Of Death

hexhorn Taste is really something we can never tell. “Suffering”, the first track of this album, is opened with a big and sounding roar, and that’s exactly what made soon atracted to HexHorn. The nine-tracked “Waking Of Death” is a consistent, hard, and solid album. Solid is really the very right word for it. And so is the playing. The band is very consistent and cohesive. And anger! There is a lot of anger in it!

How to make a difference among many other bands that invest on the same metal genre that you do? Being honest, sticking to what you believe, and, much more than everything, having pleasure, a lot of pleasure doing it. That is what HexHorn do playing melodic death metal, and being able to stay out of the tide. HexHorn mix very well an old school metal playing with the groing voice. They were able to solve a puzzle that actually frighten most extreme metal bands: to deal with a guttural voice in all tracks and not getting boring or repetitive. The vocals on the tracks are pretty different from each other which makes the work much more interesting. And that’s a pretty tough task, as we all know.

“Naegliria Fowleri” is a track with very criative guitar lines, the same can be said of all tracks. HexHorn is a very carefull band on caring about the guitars. If you need only the power chords, they’ll do it. If you need something more intense, and deep as on “Anguish”, no problem, that’s done. Solos full of echoes and effects, here you have “Face your Fears”. And there goes on and on.

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Track listing:

  1. Suffering
  2. Murderer
  3. Chemical War
  4. Winter
  5. Naegliria Fowleri
  6. Anguish
  7. Waking Of Death
  8. Face Your Fears
  9. Hate Makes Us Stronger