HEXVESSEL Release New Single ‘Closing Circles’

Hexvessel release a new single, “Closing Circles,” from their forthcoming “All Tree” album, to celebrate the Winter Solstice. “All Tree” will be out February 15th, 2019.

Mat McNerney says:

“Another solar year begins. Death and rebirth, both physical and metaphorical. As we celebrate Winter Solstice, we offer this symbolic sacrifice for you to partake. Two songs which carry great weight and meaning for us. The first of which is the closing ritual from our new album ‘All Tree,’ called ‘Closing Circles.’ The sun’s course reaches it’s lowest noon altitude and we mark the end and the beginning of another year of light. ‘Closing Circles’ bids fare well to those we have lost. Light illuminates the darkness and we are purged and renewed once more, to shine onwards. […] May you have a blessed winter solstice and hold those you love dearly close. The blacker the sun, the darker the dawn.”

You can watch a beautiful live version of the song, filmed at the mental institution in Pitkäniemi, Nokia, here: