HIIDENHAUTA To Release Second Album In March, First Single Out Now

A Finnish melodic black metal band HIIDENHAUTA is set to release their second album ‘1695’ on March 16th 2018 via Inverse Records. The first single ‘Hallan Valta’ is released today and can be heard below.

HIIDENHAUTA is a black metal band from Satakunta, Finland, founded in 2012. In 2013, the band released two EPs, namely, “Surma saapuu suota myöten” and “Eikä aurinko valaise.” The first full-length album, “Noitia on minun sukuni,” was released in 2014 via Inverse Records. In addition, a music video was shot of “Hiiden virsi,” a song off the debut album featuring the vocalist Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani fame.

March 2017 saw the beginning of the recording sessions for the second full-length “1695”. The album’s theme revolves around the Great Famine of 1695-1697, a great calamity which beset the Finnish area at the time. During the period, approximately every third citizen of Finland (then under the Swedish rule) met their end as a result of starvation or epidemics.

The lyrics of HIIDENHAUTA are written in Finnish, abiding by the poetic Kalevala meter. History and nature are among the prominent themes of the band’s lyrics.

Vocalist & lyricist Tuomas Keskimäki comment:  Lyrics and lyrical themes have always been important for me. The idea of the story concept came first, also this time. The Great Famine of 1695-1697 is shocking and unbelievable historical fact and I felt like the story just have to be told. ”1695” is a historical concept album which we made with many problems since 2015. During these years when making of the album, were also some kind of a turning point in the history of Hiidenhauta, because two members left the band in the middle of the recording session.”

‘1695’ track listing:
1. Hallan valta
2. Äärellä
3. Kuolimaan tytär
4. Musta leipä
5. Jumalan vihan ruoska
6. Talvikäräjät
7. Nälkäkevät
8. Maan poveen
9. Nimettömät

Tuomas Keskimäki – Vocals & lyrics
Emma Keskimäki – Female vocals
Otto Hyvärinen – Guitars
Eetu Ritakorpi – Drums & percussions