Hinayana – Endless

a0046622562_10 I’ve always wondered what would happen if you combined melodic death metal with doom. They have similar elements especially in terms of heavy guitars and brutal vocals, so what’s stopping people from molding the two into one? Hinayana have done me a favor with their debut album “Endless” as it is a melo-death/doom album that is exactly what expect from such a combination: a crushingly slow tempo with brutal guitars, a roaring bass, drums that are the doldrums of death itself, and vocals that bellow endlessly. The evident influence of melody into this mix makes “Endless” more enjoyable as it adds some form and composition to an album that wouldn’t be mind, no, but it wouldn’t (in theory) have a good, fluid feel to it that Hinayana manages to pull of with this album. This is only a demo, however, according to Hinayana’s Bandcamp which I wouldn’t think would lie about that, and after thinking about it it does seem that “Endless” could use a little bit of remastering in order to make it have a clearer (or not as clear) sound to it that’ll make it sound better. But as is, I’m honestly happy with how “Endless” turned out because in just 5 tracks Hinayana shows that they have a good style in mind and that they have got the ability to pull it off very, very well. If this is just the tip of the iceberg for Hinayana, and I’m sure it is, then I wouldn’t be surprised that their next album will be mind blowing and I will happily be there the day it drops as these guys have got my full undivided attention.

You can stream “Endless” in full on Bandcamp here, and listen to the track “Taken” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Endless
  2. Pitch Black Noise
  3. Taken
  4. Twisting Silver
  5. Bringer of the Dawn