Hiss from the Moat – The Way out of Hell Review

The way “The Way out of Hell” is opened by the grand speed of the light drumming fillings is majestic and unforgetable. By this only my dear child of the night will seriously get a hold of the album instantly. The drumming here is an easy pick for the best feature of this album. It’s not only fast and furious but also with lots of that kind of technique that Black Metal bands from the 1980s used to deal with a lot. From this point of view, I consider Hiss from the Moat what would a Technical Black Metal band – if this term does exist, if it doesn’t here it is. It’s not only the drumming, the guitars are complex with several layers of the kind of sonic blast black metallers are used to. By the way, pay close attention to the differences between “Generation of Cowardice” and “The Killing of Innocence” guitar playing. Though a common line of playing both tracks riffings are very different. The grips are dissimilar and contrasting.

Musicwise, “The Way out of Hell” can’t be considered a pure Black metal album for its many influences as my child of the night will notice while listening to the album. That’s why I’d rather call them Technical Black Metal band for the many moods and atmospheres herein. To some extent, Hiss from the Moat handle with great dextery to combine Death Metal and Thrash Metal with a Black Metal spirit. As a plus, the guitars add some finesse to everything here. Guitar lines of “Bury Me” are out of this world with such a feeling that dare to combine modern techniques with old ones. It’s great the way the band controls the tempos in the songs. In a blink of an eye it goes from a Doom Metal grave to a Speed Metal Allegro near the borders of a Grindcore Presto as “All I Have” delivers the fan. Pretty impressive what they do here.

Extreme metallers of all kinds will love “The Way out of Hell” for all it delivers and all the feelings and emotions mixed in here. Of course, not the kind of petty emotion pop music tells about. Emotion only available with Extreme Metal music. And we all know what it’s all about. No rest for the wicked.

Hiss from the Moat “The Way out of Hell” will be released on October 28th via Distortion Music Group.

Track Listing:

  1. The Way out of Hell
  2. I Am the Deceived
  3. Staring at the Abyss
  4. Generation of Cowardice
  5. The Way out of Hell
  6. Bury Me
  7. All I Have
  8. A Gallows of Mirrors
  9. The Magnificent Vision

Watch “The Killing of Innocence” official music video here: